I remember being 16, waiting in line to order food, not being able to read the menu on the wall. I would strain my ears to hear what the person ahead of me was ordering, and hope whatever they ordered was tasty because whatever they were gonna order, that’s what I would order too.


Refresher: I have Macular Dystrophy, a genetic eye condition causing extreme near sightedness, lack of central vision and sensitivity to light, currently cure-less. I got a Macbook when I was 17, my first smartphone when I was 18 (a Sidekick, remember those?) then an iPhone when I was 20. Life has changed for the better ever since.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. All of them require you to turn ON the specific functions thought the Macbook > System Preferences and iOS>General>Accessibility.

Without these, I would not be able to use neither my phone nor my laptop. As you can see from the images above, i zoom in LIKE YOUR GRANDMA.

Zooming in on the Macbook.

Control + swipe in and out with 2 fingers on your trackpad.

Zooming in on the IPhone

Triple tap with three fingers and swipe in and out.

Large Fonts on the IPhone

Crank it up to 11, bruh (or, whatever the largest font is!!)

The Magnifier Tool on the IPhone

Triple tap the home btuton on the iphone to enable to magnifier tool, which is basically a fancier camera app that lets you zoom in a lot. My vision in 2018 deteriorated to the point where I could not read anything smaller than a size 14 or so, so this tool has become my GO TO for everyday living.

Using The Phone’s Camera To Read What My Eyes Cannot

Take a picture. zoom in. Read with ease.