That's a wrap on Kid Cadaver's West Coast tour!

10 days, 9 shows, 6 states.

The second half of tour was hot and sweaty. We made our way back down the coast into Utah, Arizona and Nevada for some sweet 100+ degree weather. I dove deeper into the man cave that was living with 4 boys in their early 20's, but I just can't complain. Getting to know these guys in such an unintentional way has made me even more excited about the band. I just saw them play 9 shows in 10 days, I swear I could still keep going at it. Their passion and energy keeps consistent no matter the size of the stage, no matter the venue, no matter the crowd. I love seeing new fans' reactions after a Kid Cadaver show, because without fail they've been blown away and walk away on a high. But now not only do I love their music and the true grit they put into their work, but I've been able to see them in their most unfiltered and genuine places, in ways  I would not have thought when I first randomly stumbled onto them on a music blog 8 months ago.

Anyway, if you thought I was done gushing about Kid Cadaver, think again. I'm even more excited now than I was 10 days ago. 

Here are some of my favorite shots from the second half of tour::