Keep Calm and NO FOMO

So much is happening in November! Friends are releasing new music, concerts are being booked and parties are being thrown.It's going to be sick and I'm missing all of it.

In 9 days I'm leaving for a few different places and I will be gone for a total of 6 weeks. I'm going on tour up and down the west coast with one of my great friends, and the day I get back, I head to Scotland and Ireland to travel and shoot more music. It's going to be sicks and I can't wait. 

I think I'm getting antsy here. My weekdays are becoming duller as they go and my creativity has reached a weird stagnant peak. I am more ready than ever to GTFO and explore, manage the tour, meet people and get away from my room and my quiet corner of Westwood.

I need to stop thinking about all the things I'll be missing, because we've been waiting to make a tour happen forever!

I'll be back soon enough; for now, I need to crunch time until we leave, so when we do, I can block out Los Angeles for a bit and focus on nothing but the present that will be.