If you follow me on my social medias, it's needless to say that I'm having way too much fun with this postgrad life i'm leading. 

I'm shooting acoustic sessions every weekend, I'm going to at least one concert a week, I'm booking shows, I'm hosting shows, I'm promoting artists, I'm constantly talking to new collaborators and I'm meeting more and more like-minded people every day.

The funny thing though, is that I'm not making a single penny from any of it. 

Even funnier, I'm not the only one.

I've been coming across many postgrad creatives and artists lately who are on the same boat: creating new things and working their butts off doing what they love without a profit, in the eventual hope of making a living from it, one day, someday. Thankfully, we can live at home home and avoid paying rent, so that's a huge factor in our lives (thank you, parents!)

But it's not just us postgraduates who are highly motivated  in creating.

Some of my most inspiring and driven friends still have two years left until they get their Bachelor's degrees, two years left until this so-called "real world". So what's motivating them to do what they do for little or no pay? Playing shows, writing poems, creating non-profits, hosting open-mic nights, cooking, blogging or knitting scarves for the homeless? Passion.

The scariest part about our lives honestly isn't even the risk-factor, the lack of stability or the occasional nagging voice in our heads that's telling us to get a "real" job. It's the idea that if we stopped giving even 1% of the time and effort we're already giving to our passion projects, everything could easily come to a halt. I could stop booking shoots, you could stop writing songs, he could stop cooking, she could stop emailing: everything would stop continuing.  everything would stop yet life would move on. 

So that's probably, most likely why I do what I do, to the vigor and dedication that I put into it. Right?