Ireland and Seattle aren't going anywhere anytime soon

I was supposed to be living in Ireland by now.


6 months before graduation, I was determined to make the move happen. I believed I could do it, and spent months doing the research that would aim to get me to the wonderful, green country. 

Graduation hit, then summer came, then September started and no move across the pond was in sight.


Oh well, I guess. I’ll just plan to go spend the Winter Holidays backpacking through the Irish national parks and I’ll leave my Los Angeles home eventually…


With that in mind, I threw myself into  my freelance endeavors.


It’s six months after graduation now, and I’m currently living back at my parent’s house spending my days shooting musicians, editing videos, interviewing bands, writing and blogging.

I’m having so much fun and meeting so many like-minded people I never even knew existed while I was in school. My weekends are packed, my weekdays are busy, and my memory cards are constantly full.


Yet, even still, through all the great new things that are happening in my life, there’s a nagging voice in my head that’s whispering at all hours of the day, “Hey, you’re leaving LA soon, remember?”. Because that’s been the plan since you decided to stay for college: to leave. So why should you move out of your parent’s house if you won’t be staying for long? Why should you aim for big projects when you might leave any second?


The reality of it though, is that I’m not leaving. I haven’t left, and there is simply too much potential in creating great things out of these ideas I’ve got milling around in my head, and too many people to create them with. Ireland will always be there. Seattle won’t leave. And Portland will always be cool. It’s not like I’ll be missing an opportunity if I don’t leave right this second.

 The best part about leading this creative life is creating my own opportunity wherever I want.


I just need to keep telling myself:

Things are good right here where you are. You’re staying to make cool shit with cool people.  


lather, rinse, and repeat. (xinfinty)