The Coachella Experience: a cynical love rant

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Disclaimer: the following is based on my own personal opinions and on one else's. Feel free to to feel otherwise.  

I went to Coachella for the music.

This past weekend was phenomenal because the music was out of this world. There's something about sitting on  a grassy field swaying to folk music that's really magical. There's something about dancing like no one's watching in sticky weather, yelling the lyrics with hundreds of other strangers that's ecstasy. There's something about strolling by a stage and hearing something you've never heard before but being hooked immediately. And there's always something truly mind-blowing about seeing these artists who used to be nobody fill up an entire tent area with raging fans.

But today Coachella is almost more about the experience.

What you're wearing, who you're going with, how much alcohol you're consuming, where you'll have the american flag imprinted on you, what flower crown to put on, what bro tank to don, who to snapchat, how much to instagram, and what will your first facebook status be. 

I loved my weekend because I love music festivals, where every waking moment is spent thinking, listening, watching and talking about music. But in my opinion, Coachella is to music festivals as Urban Outfitters is to thrift stores. I'm going to be that person and complain about commercialism taking over and the mainstream ruling the world and the arts giving in and people selling out.  As fantastic as it is that Coachella is still going strong, allowing people to come together to appreciate arts and live music, allowing music to succeed and reach vast audiences,   I'd rather hit up more thrift stores from here on out.