Get pumped for the future.

I’m over college. Over classes, homework, tests, grades, a grade point that has no effect on my life whatsoever and the system that forces you to choose a major.

But I’m going to miss the hell out of college.

The friends, the adventures, the arts, the collaborations, the projects, the endeavors.

When will we ever get an experience like this again?

Probably never.

College has been way too great…

But guys, the future is so damn exciting!! I can’t deal with all the ideas running through my brain right now, and I can’t wait to make them all happen. I’ll have time to focus, to build, to connect, to care so much more about everything I’m doing and the people around me. Life is starting and I can't wait. 

So here’s to us, class of 2014. T minus 4 days, and I hope you spend every second of it with people you care about, outside, taking it in. Fluorescent lights are killing society, so are final exams, in my opinion. So don’t waste any more time.

Don't worry, be happy, and #FTFO.