Fight on, folks.

I remember the day I put that deposit down for USC. I remember I hadn't cried that hard in front of my parents in a long  time. Staying in LA was not the plan. 

I remember meeting my roommate, and becoming best friends. I remember spending too much time in the dorm room in front of my computer, and spending not enough time trying new things.

I remember my first undergrad class, my first photoshoot, my first APO rush event, my first football game, my first drink.

I remember wanting to transfer, I remember deciding to go abroad, I remember crying as I was about to leave for Italy for four months because that was just way too long away from the best friends and family I'd made sophomore year. 

(APO, you rocked my world.)

I remember  deciding music was the way to go, shooting my first concert, writing my first blog post, interviewing the first band, and falling in love with all of it.

I remember how quiet, insecure, and lost I was. How unaware of myself I was, how apathetic  I was. 

I remember changing, I remember coming out of that hard shell and saying 'Screw the status quo!'. I remember all the people who've shaped me, inspired me and pushed me, and they're the ones who'll stay for a long, long time. 

Cheers to it all. Cheers to finally knowing myself, finally being sure and content with myself, finally understanding friendship, and finally ready to wear my heart of my sleeve. Graduation is just a  day, and [hopefully] it's all uphill from here. :)

T minus less than 24 hours. 

Fight on, folks.