Dear Alpha Phi Omega,

You changed my life.

How has it already been three years?

I remember freshman year, how lost I was, how confused I was, how often I went home on weekends, my quarter life crisis and the applications I printed to transfer to some college in Australia.

Then sophomore year I rushed for the best decision I could’ve made in college.

I needed a group, and I instantly made a family. Psi Class was and always will be the best class. I love how crazy we are. I love how accepting you are. I love different we all are from one another. I love how much we love each other and how today, when we’re all in the same room it’s still the happiest of times.

Aside form Psi class though, every semester we get a batch of really great people. People who have become my closest friends in college too.

I know I haven’t been around this semester, and it’s truly because I’ve been running on this adrenaline rush called passion and I can’t get enough it. This semester has been one of the most exciting, most fulfilling, and happiest because I have never been more sure of anything. But none of this would have been possible without APO:


You’ve made me realize how really great it is to be different. Do you remember 2011 Shab? I almost hope you don’t, but hope you do just so you can see how much you’ve done for me.  I didn’t realize what was happening to me until I went abroad, was culturally shocked by America (I was studying in Europe, for reference…) and came back. Lessons learned from APO to Abroad back to APO: You do you, like they say. It’s ok if your hands sweat slightly too much because what are you supposed to do about it? It’s ok if you don’t drink, or if you do, it’s ok if you’re not a heels girl and if you don’t know how to put eyeliner on the bottom lid, it’s ok to go to concerts alone, it’s ok if you’re an art major, it’s ok to ask for help and it’s ok if you’re graduating college without a job lined up and you’ve decided to freelance because SCREW WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAYS.

Fitting in is overrated, and the status quo is meant to be broken.

 We’re supposed to be different. As my Neuroscience professor said on the last day of class, “If people can’t embrace you for who you are, then to freaking hell with them.”

APO, you gave me the confidence to be me, and for that I thank you.

To all of y’all still around, here’s my one word of advice for APO and college in general: care.

Care about everything you do and everyone around you. Don’t be apathetic, and make every single second count. College is only 4 years long, and eventually, you’ll graduate. My point isn’t “Before you know it, it’ll all be over.”

Before you know it, you’ll be graduating and venturing off into the unknown, and you want to make sure your relationships will be coming with you. Care about the friends you’re making, care about the projects you’re undertaking, care about growing and becoming the best you you can be.

Care, because people are really, really important, and everything needs to matter.