So freaking much. So much it's slightly trrrifying, but mostly thrilling.

Last time i set foot in Iran i was fresh off the boat from a semester in Florence, Italy. I was 20 years old with only an inkling of an idea about what i wanted to do with my life, but a bundle of determination to figure it out. 

I'd never interned before, hadn't stepped into a recording studio, had never shot a concert, had never been to a concert alone, had no video portfolio to show for, had never been to an American wedding, had never shot a wedding, didn't have any friends in the music world at USC, had never been to a rave, never been to Canada or the Pacific Northwest, and starting a music blog was just a subtle thought here and there.


it's just crazy how much people can change in such a short period of time. Heck, i was a different person just before spring break!  

I have more knowledge, more people who inspire me, more confidence in myself and give less of a crap about the status quo, 

looking back makes me that much more excited (and terrified) about the future.