You're sitting in LA, watching CNN, when a story about yet another mass killing comes on. It's the third in 3 weeks. What is going on? Have people seriously gone mad? Are we safe anywhere? Why do people keep doing this? And why is this the only country where this happens this often?

Flash forward a few weeks, and you're sitting in Tehran, Iran. You turn on CNN International or BBC, and first you see a story about this new terrorist group raising hell in Iraq, then another bit about  3 Israeli teenagers kidnapped on the streets (who btw, were found dead a little over two weeks after...), and a few more stories about Syria, this bombing there and that shooting somewhere else. What is going on with the Middle East? Why can't it calm down? Killing won't solve any problems, no one will be happier.

I was so angry I wanted to write a Facebook status, or a tweet, and here I am writing an unhappy blog post.

But let's be real:

We can social media all we want, we can rant all we want, protest by the Federal Building on Wilshire, hand out flyers, get angry, throw fits, and write Opinion pieces for various press outlets, but realistically, all we can do is tune in to 3-4 news sources (because one isn't reliable enough) and hope really hard the world doesn't implode on itself.