Dear California,

Do you realize Los Angeles is an expensive city? Do you realize that  offering a MAXIMUM of around $1000 dollars per month to blind adults to live off is close to impossible? Unless they live somewhere where rent is, like, 700 dollars which is, like, nowhere. 

Do you realize that blind adults probably are not able to do 90% of the jobs sighted people can do? (that's just a stat I made up based on my own judgement)

Thankfully I'm not completely blind (just 20/200). Thankfully I can still see the way I see. But holy shit California, wake the hell up. As of 2012, California had around 700 thousand blind residents.Forget me, WHAT ABOUT THEM? What about the blind who are barely surviving? I know you don't have a solution, and I know I cant blame  you for all that hardship, but I can very well blame you for not trying harder.