creation, collaboration & community : this is only just the beginning.

If you know me personally, if you've been reading my blog, or if we're just friends on Facebook, you'll know I've been wanting to peace out of LA since forever ago. I was born and raised here and all I want is four seasons, nice people, a little bit of personality and a good public transportation system: LA just hasn't been cutting it.

I graduated from college in May, and I thought that was it: now is my chance to leave! I'll hang here for a little longer until I figure it out, then I'm outta here.

So I've been hanging here, living at home (which is conveniently only 13 miles from the college I went to), freelancing, blogging, socializing and thinking of ways and places to move to.

But the thing is, while I've been hanging here, I've also been making a lot of new friends, collaborating with more artists, meeting more like-minded creatives and building a community. Everything feels so right. In the past 10 days alone I can name 5 inspiring people that I've met and conversations I've had that have pushed me in a direction that's closer and closer to something really cool. Can't quite place what that is, all I know is that it's REAL. COOL. Trust me.

And these conversations I'm having, I know they're feeling it too. The ideas that are flowing between us and the creative juices that are lighting up inside all/each of us, we can tell there's something really awesome in the works.  We're making something happen and this is only just the beginning. 

So maybe I'll leave eventually. Maybe life will throw me a frisbee and I'll decide to join the Ultimate team, who knows. But for now, shit's getting real and I'm not about to peace out before it's even begun. <3