When you've just become an alumni and most of your friends are still in college.

 I graduated 3.5 months ago and moved the whole 13 miles back home. I traveled a bit over the summer, applied for part-time jobs, shot a ton of people with my camera and made a lot of new friends.

But it's September now, and I'm realizing that a good majority of my friends are still in college. They're back at school, doing college-y things like tailgating, going to on-campus shows, club meetings at night and drinking on weekends. And from the looks of it, I'll be heading back to campus every weekend for a while. 

At first, I was very close to judging myself: am I that alumni who has no life after college and just keeps coming back to campus?!

But then, after that brief downer, I realized I honestly just don't want or need to  stay away. 

1. As luck would have it, things have just started taking off with Beating Lights. I'm becoming more in tune with the music scene coming out from USC, and as awesome as it would have been to get on this bandwagon a couple years ago, I'm meeting really freaking cool people now and I'm not about to stop anytime soon. If that means filling up my portfolio with solely USC affiliated artists, I'm down. If that means heading back to campus to shoot some underclassmen, count me in. 

2. Most of my friends are still in college, and you have no idea how badly I want to keep these friends. I'm not going to drop off the face of the planet just to 'not be that alumni'. if that means weekending at USC, then so be it.


My weekdays have been quite dull since everyone started school again, but I'm not worried. Weekdays I'll be dayjobbing to save up to travel/move out, nights I'lll be shooting and covering concerts, and weekends I'll be shooting/playing/friending/blogging/writing and hopefully meeting some cool people along the way. 

Going with the flow of things and I'm pretty damn excited.