Real Talk: I'm trying to move out.

I'm trying to move out. Out of LA,and really out of the country, specifically to Scotland or Ireland. 

This isn't news, every blog post here will have a little bit about my desire to leave this urban sprawl. But now I've realized that there are some really good reasons why I don't want to be here, other than the sprawl and lack of trees, and since this realization, motivation to do anything here has decreased immensely. I really don't want to spend an hour an a bus to get across down, to then spend another hour getting back, at the least. I don't be want surrounded by Hollywood and always sunny weather. And most importantly, I don't want to be a part of the music scene here. The scene is the industry, and there is no community. 

The DIY music culture in LA exists, sure, but it's so small that if I were to try to expand, I'm positive I'd hit a dead end,simply because the whole community-based art-making isn't a natural concept here. Make it big on your own or go home. 

Why can't we make art together, for the love of making it? Why can't artists support each other, andWhy should I charge independent musicians for content creation? Why can't I give all the money we make at shows to the musicians? Success is subjective, and what I loved so so much about the scene that I was able to witness a tad bit in Scotland and Ireland is the desire to grow horizontally, and spread music to another person in a more direct manner: smaller shows, realer connections, more meaningful relationships. Artists band together and release music compilations. Some record labels are not for profit. all in an attempt to create really good art together. 

So I'm trying to leave, and so far I'm not. It's been a stupid 4 weeks because nothing has happened, I didn't meet any new people, didn't learn any life-changing things, yet time passed and I didn't progress.

I'm not quitting though. If anything I'll buy a one way ticket to Edinburgh and hope for the best.


LOL. jokes on me.