Life's too short for 'maybe'.

My good friend Jenay Ross owns a clothing line, Hours Lost, and today the brand relaunched a new web store and t-shirt that reads, Life's too short for 'maybe',

This is all very exciting for a few reasons:

1.I shot the lookbook a few weeks ago ( with the help of  a couple cool cats/musicians/pseudo-models) and got some of my favorite photos  from it.

2.I love seeing friends pursue passion projects

3. I strongly believe in the message.

Life's too short for 'Maybe'

I sometimes wonder if I should be more aloof, more 'chill', when it comes to making plans. Am I being too enthusiastic? Am i being too forward in trying to make this coffee date happen the day after tomorrow? Should I cool it?

But then I decide I'm more than fine being really excited, because the deal is, I'm so done being passive. 

If I want to get to know you, we will grab coffee this week, and if not this week, then the next. I'm going to make sure it happens, because life's too short to wonder what great conversations we could  be having, what friendships we could be growing, what real connections we might be missing, what time we're losing by saying 'maybe'. 

When I was 18 and  a freshman in college, I spent a lot of time (read: too much time) sitting in my dorm room waiting for something to happen. When things didn't, obviously, I decided to make it happen myself,  bought a cheap lens, shot some friends, then some musicians, then I started a music blog, and now I'm here (well, that's the long-story short).

Maybe, Someday, Sometime. Forget that limbo, y'all. 

"Be passionate. Invest yourself. Be present"- Hours Lost