Friendship Rules: musings on friendship, duh.

Friendship rules.  Friendship is comfortable, supportive, trusting; it sends you texts for no reason, it gives without asking for anything in return, it gives you high fives from 3000 miles away and gives you hugs without precaution. It gives you a ride even if it's out of the way, it gives you hand written letters expressing how much it loves being in your life and having you in theirs. Friendship inspires you, motivates you, encourages you to the best you you can be, to do you even if ti's not what others are doing. Friendship is your basketball team that helps you get the ball down the court to take the shots in your life you wouldn't be ale to take without them.

Here's the thing. I don't have many old friends. I keep in touch with 3 friends from high school. One lives in Scotland, one in San Francisco, and another lives here in LA but works a full time job and runs in different social circles as I do. College? You'd think I'd have made "friends of a lifetime", the way people advertise it.  But I was different in college, flowing through circles and scenes and organizations, never really finding a group to call my own. So sure, I think I keep in touch with 5 friends from college who I don't really ever see anymore. I graduated in 2014, and it was only after I finished school forever that I was finally able to stop going with everyone else's flow.

2015 was the year of friendship. 95% of my best friends, favorite collaborators and closest acquaintances right now came into my life or solidified their place in my life in 2015. That's insane, I'd say.I'm so jealous of people who have had some of their friends for over 10 years. "My best friend since we were 9" is not anything close to what I am able to say about someone. 

Nevertheless, I'm in love with friendship. 2015 was the year my dreams took a whole 180˙ on themselves, brought me way wayyyy down, but then finally, built me back up. While I was abroad the last 3 months of 2015, something happened subconsciously where the time away gave everything a heightened level of importance when I came back. When I came back, everything and everyone was 10x more valuable in their place in my life.  Their place in my life is so much more important to me than my life could be someplace else.

The photo above was taken at the Beating Lights relaunch party on January 30th. Pictured  are the boys of Kid Cadaver, Coyote, my bff Jenay Ross of Hours Lost, my buds Touch Vinyl and We Found New Music, and my creative savior Nicole Ellsworth. 

I'm excited to have the friends that I do, and I'm really excited to make more. :)