Au Pairing in Italy: Dear Diary #3

I don't have many photos for you this week. Sorry I was busy living life.


This week things took a little turn. I was motivated to get into my groove again. I hit the internet and started searching for local musicians, and found an indie label. I messaged them on facebook, and one of the artists part of the collective messaged me back saying he'd love to be my friend! (I'm paraphrasing obviously lol) So Friday he drove to my town where we met for a coffee (remember: "coffee" here means "an espresso shot"), talked about music, our lives, and the possibility of booking me some shows in the next couple months. Before I knew I had a show booked with him this coming Tuesday in the nearby big city of Bari! so Tuesday night I will play this show, then spend the night there to then explore the town before I take a train back to Altamura.

This week I also hit up to find local friends in Bari in the hopes of visiting soon. On Bari's CS page though I found a group of CSers and Erasmus students, all piked into a Whatsapp group that you could join if you followed the link. Before I knew it, I was in this Whatsapp group with 75 other people, italians and foreigners alike. Instantly people were welcoming me, telling me if I ever need a play to stay they've got me, and most importantly though, they invited me to their Christmas party on Friday. So like you do, I decided to take the one hour train into Bari where I had never been before Friday night and go to this party where I would know no one. The universe has my back these days, because everything went so well.

I loved meeting people from all parts of Europe and north Africa, I loved socializing in Italian, and all of this with one thing in common: in that moment in time, we were all living in Italy, open minded and seeking friendship.  I remembered I'm actually pretty good at making friends, Im actually comfortable in my shoes, in the clothes I chose to wear, in who I am and the things I do. 

What have I been worrying about?

I've realized I might not have a routine here, but instead will be compiling these micro experiences in the hopes of living more presently. What I want to do with my future, where I see myself in 5 years, what are my goals with my projects... none of that really matter in the end of all this. I just want to spend time gathering good people, making art, learning how to surf, and taking in whatever life hits me with. the rest, I'll figure out later.