Au Pairing in Italy : Dear Diary #4: Winter Break

This is an old post I forgot to post, circa January 6th 2018.

Winter break is over. The past two weeks have been wonderful and exhausting. Various family came into town, lots of cute little cousins were around, a lot of hide and seek was played, a LOT of food was eaten.

A big southern italian family is just as you'd imagine: loud, vibrant, warm, welcoming, festive, and lovers of food. Christmas day we had 30 family members over at our apartment, during which the babies and I performed our Xmas songs we'd be practicing. Over the next week we spent every day with the cousins who were in town. New Year's Eve was spent with family friends, standing on their balcony overlooking the city and all the (hella DIY af) fireworks people were shooting around town. I had a stupid cold, but the night was quaint with card games and time spent around the table and I probably won't forget NYE 2018.

Once the new year hit, my cold got worse and I've been laying low with the fam all week, which I will take wholeheartedly. I have 4 weeks left and I'm like 5 weeks in. I'm halfway through and I'm living a lot. Hopefully I can learn to just live when I get back home to LA too.

Anyway. here are some pics:



around town in ALTAMURA, ITALY


Around Altamura