10 Days of Awesome- Day 1: Xi'an

The day we left BJ was longer than it should have been. Fitting 10 days worth of clothes into a carryon was a hassle, getting into the taxi was a hassle and going up the escalator at the train station was apparently a hassle for the old lady who felt back onto Sam (who then too proceeded to fall backwards, causing her suitcase handle to break and her iced coffee to spill…). But the 11-hour train ride to Xi’an was actually quite painless. Woke up every hour in the middle of the night, but oh well right? I was sleeping on a bed on a train. Bucket list CHECK

The train arrived in Xi’an at 8am. From there, we went directly to the hotel, dropped off our stuff and went straight to the wall. The wall surrounds the inner part of the city, and stretches around for [i think] 34 km. We rented bikes and rode for about 40 mins, during which we kinda sorta taught Maryann how to bike again.

After, we headed over to the Bell and Drum Towers and Muslim Street. Muslim Street was so cool. It basically was a closed off rode where street vendors and small shops sold chinese muslim food and little souvenirs. I ate a fired persimmon stuffed with dates [ DElicious] and a sort of peanut brittle thing made with peanuts, walnuts, honey and some other unknown ingredients.

Once we got shopped out, we went to the Goose Pagoda, which was basically another temple like the many others we’ve seen.

Finally at night we went to a dance show that was the biggest tourist trap I’d seen here. The traditional chinese dancing was interesting  [ I guess…not really] but I would not have paid 150 kuai for it, and I definitely would not have paid an extra 100 kuai to get a dinner thrown in. Everyone there was foreign, and it was very clear they all came with their tour groups and got suckered in by their tour guides.