Drew Tabor West Coast Tour: Halfway Highlights

It's Day 8 and were basically at the halfway point. 

Drew's had 6 shows, we've seen about 13 cities, and we've got 9 days left. 

I'm feeling warm and bubbly (even though it' 30 degrees outside in Beaverton, OR right now...) :)

Here are some of the highlights:


Day 1: We left LA for San Luis Obispo. We honestly thought the show would be in the middle of nowhere (what's in SLO anyway?), so we were so pleasantly surprised when we got to the coffee shop (Linnea's) where Drew had her first non-LA show of the tour. The streets were bustling, the coffee shop was pretty packed, and the best part, people actually payed attention to Drew play!

Conclusion #1: LA audiences don't care.

Day 2: We made our way up to Mountain View, stopping at the Bixyby Canyon Bridge for some tourist-y pics. (how could we not?). The show in MV was at Red Rock Coffee Co, and the crowd remains my favorite by far so far. When drew went up, all 30ish people stopped what they were doing, put away their laptops, and listened. After her set, more than a handful of strangers came up to say Hey and buy her EP. 

After the show, we met up with a couple friends of mine for wine in Palo Alto. There were so many good vibes all around that night :)


Conclusion #2: LA audiences suck, old fiends are the best, and Drew's favorite food of all time is the Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Day 3 was off day so we got a late brunch in San Francisco, where we stumbled upon a Jazz show going on at a small local bookstore (featuring the cutest old people around). On our way to Oregon, we attempted to shoot a couple videos, but the highway sounds killed us. oh well, pictures came out well though!


That pretty much sums up how I was feeling on day 4. 

That night, Drew  had a show at White Eagle Saloon. It was  a singer songwriter showcase, so we got to watch a couple other musicians before she went on. That's where we were introduced to Max Garcia Conover and the magic that is his music. Filled with guitar flutters and riffs, his music  was beautiful. He's been on the road with his wife, traveling the country in a motorhome. For his last song, he brought his wife on to sing this tune about fables with him, straight unplugged, and I'm pretty sure my heart melted right there. It was like a scene out of a movie.

Max, if you're reading this, I hope our paths cross again. Best of luck with your travels and endeavors, and keep doing what you're doing <3

Day 5: Reunited with my favorite american city on our 2nd day off. 

Day 6 included busking at Pike's Place and shooting a video in the woods at Discovery Park. It was a wonderful, FREEZING, day. 

On the morning of Day 7, before we left Seattle, I got coffee/breakfast with my friend Vincent who was too kind enough to let us stay with him for those 2 nights. There's absolutely nothing like catching up with a great friend, and I'm so happy I got to spend even just those few moments with before departing. 

That night Drew had a show at Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove, Oregon, about 2 hours south of Portland. More good vibes as I sipped on my irish coffee and sang along to Drew's music (#1 fan here!)

Day 8: we started the day with an interview at KDUP, University of Portland's radio station. That was short and sweet, but pretty cool to be a part of (Thanks, Mason!)

Of course we had to have our afternoon coffee at Stumptown. That latte was delicious. 

That night at the Jade Lounge, my good friend Sarah opened the night with her sweet folk tunes and Drew met some Youtube fans. so need I say it again? GOOOD VIBES. <3

Fun facts

1. Drew puts pepper on all food evern before she tastes it

2. Her favorite food of all time is the Chocolate Chip Cookie

3. We've been listening to Nick Jonas' "Jealous" too often for it to be ok.. but i mean. I don't mind it... so whatever.

4. PNW is still the best

5. Old friends are the best

6. musicians are the best

That about wraps it up. we've got a 10 hour drive tomorrow back down to Cali for Drew's show in Sacramento... LEGGO.