That's a Wrap! - Drew Tabor's West Coast Tour Recap

17 days, 12 shows,  so many miles, many different beds, countless cups of coffee and too many laughs: we're all done!!

IMG_8029 copy.jpg


Neither of us (none of us counting Jane!) had done anything like this before: Jane had never booked a tour, Drew had never played a tour and I'd never managed a tour. This was a super small scale deal, with no band or budget. Everything we made went back into gas, food and lodging (if we didn't have a kind friend who was willing to house us!). 

There were some speed bumps, but overall, it was one hell of a learning experience. 

Here's what I learned in the past 17 days:

1. Drew and I are the funniest people we both know... even if no one else knows it. 

2. People CAN care about your music, and WILL pay attention to you play, and WILL buy your music (outside of Los Angeles)

3. We know some of the kindest people out there <3

4. the Pacific Northwest is beautiful. (I already knew that, but was once again reminded of its beauty) 

5. As bad as things may seem, the day will end and tomorrow will come no matter what.

6. Sleeping in a different bed every night for 2 weeks will definitely lead to nightmares. 

7. Nick Jonas' "Jealous" and Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" make any day a great one instantly. 

8. Expect nothing, because it can only go uphill from there :)


What I'm more sure of now than even before: people matter, and the connections we make with one another are so much more important than another CD sold, another subscription made, another facebook page liked. People matter, and there's nothing more fulfilling than getting to know one another and creating meaningful relationships that go beyond just one show, one party, one tour, one fleeting meeting. 


Do I hope to go on a tour again? Definitely. I'm never done traveling, meeting people, creating connections and capturing moments with my camera.

 (I also pride myself in being a great Yelp-er, so bring me on your little tour and I'll make sure we figure the food situation out!)

Do I hope to go on a bigger tour? That's a two part answer:

1. I do hope to go on a bigger tour someday, with a larger band around the country or abroad, simply because that just sounds like fun!

2. I really want to help organize a house show tour! Because like I've been saying about people, they're important. And touring in living rooms and other people's homes creates that space that allows for those connections to expand beyond the fan-artist relationship, beyond that one show, into something more meaningful.


Ok. that wraps it up. Feeling all the feelings and the good vibes. 

Thanks for reading!

Cheers <3