Pacific NorthWest is Best.

I just got back form a 12 day trip to the PNW. I'd already made a similar trip with friends right after graduation, but this was a little different.

A bunch of Ferdowsi's from LA went up to Vancouver to meet up with another little group of Ferdowsi's so we could finally meet the littlest Ferdowsi who was born a year ago. It was 5 days of eating, sight seeing, baby-ing and more eating. It was a first family trip like this in a while, and it was definitely long overdue. 

After Vancouver, my parents and I drove down to Seattle because why not. I'm still in love with that city and the entire American PNW. A friend just moved there to work at Amazon (no big deal, right?) so I was able to meet up with him and his friends and get a little taste of what a regular sunny sunday (emphasis on sunny, which is rarer than rare) as a seattlite. 

A quick train ride and weekend later, we got to the wonderful little city of Portland. I absolutely love it there. it has the pace of a suburb but with the amenities and infrastructure of a city. It might be a little too low-key for my own lifestyle, but maybe Ic could get used it? People are just so nice, and no body gives a crap what other cities think. Portland is weird and they don't give a damn. The best part about those two days in Portland was the afternoon I met up with the musicians to shoot a couple little acoustic session for my music blog.  I'm in love with their music now, and it was simply so great making those new connections.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful 12 days. Now time to hit the ground running and figure out what I'm doing this fall (and continue those #postgrad ramblings).