Wandering Abroad- Week 1

It's been a full week here in Galway, Ireland.  A full week of too many emotions, in all kinds of places. From arriving, to dealing with jetlag, to trying to figure out what we're doing here... it's been weird. Ive been anxious and restless and annoyed and mad and stressed and nostalgic and sad....

But it's finally becoming wonderful. I've come to terms with the fact that I won't be using my Working Holiday Visa; I'm here to wander, to discover, to learn, to refresh, to rebrand, hone and focus. I'm not going to be in Ireland for 3 months, I'm not even going to be in Europe for 3 months. But this time will not go wasted. I'm going to  say Yes to anything that hits me, I'm going to put myself out there in any and every which way I can.

This week I wrote a song in less than 24 hours. This weekend I performed at an open mic in front of 50+ people. Tomorrow I have a photoshoot with a band. Next week a spanish girl is going to teach me how to play a cajon (box drum). Then I'm going to Paris for Nathalie's 21st birthday. Then back to Ireland for most of November. The rest is unknown, but it will be whatever it has to be. 

This is not quite a vacation. I don't like vacations. I'm on a side-note, continuing my life in LA virtually, while I figure some things out, while I attempt to be the person I've realized I'm not, but that I want to be. 

Cheers, friends. go put yourselves out there too <3

Chat soon,