Wandering Abroad:: Feelings // 2 weeks in//

We're about 2 weeks in here.

We just spent the weekend in Clifden, a small town about a 90 minute bus ride from Galway. We stayed with a new friend, we played music all weekend, we saw sheep, walked through green hills, and I was reunited with a former high school teacher. It was real sweet. 

But enough about that. Let's talk feelings.

I'm feeling restless and creative. Restless because this feels like a 3 month long vacation and I can't stand vacations anymore. LA and my adrenaline-fueled life have taken over parts of me, and I love it. But Galway isn't the same. IReland isn't the same. Life is slower, more low-key. Funny, because I thought I was rather low-key.. but context, am I right? The music scene is different too. From what I've seen so far, there isn't actually a scene. People don;t regularly go check out live music, or at least in the way we do in LA. I go out to shows 2-3 nights a week, for the simple sake of seeing a show, or supporting a friend's band, or networking, or making new friends. Basically, shows are my social life.  That's just not the way it rolls here..

It's weird. It's a challenge, but I'm not totally in the mood to accept it. The only way to go about this is to find a different way to live life.  I'll make music instead, I'll write, I'll busk. I'll continue meeting bands as often as I can, shooting them along the way, but this temporary life is just what it is: a short side-note from real life, while I figure myself out, figure you out, and hone things down so I can come back cartwheeling and ready for the show.

Cool. It's mid-way through October. 

Chat soon,