Wandering Abroad: Week 3:: Paris

It's been exactly 3 weeks since we arrived in Europe. It definitely feels like 3 months...

This week I spent some time in Paris for my good friend Nathalie's 21st birthday. Her family has a flat in the city and she brought a bunch of her friends from St Andrews + her parents from LA + our friend Nadia from LA + Lena and Sam from LA + me over for a weekend filled with celebrations, crepes, and lot of wine. It was quite splendid.

Splendid to be speaking French again, splendid that I actually haven't lost all of it, splendid being reunited with old friends, and splendid being in the bustle of a city. Galway is cute, it's quaint, but it's simply too slow. LA has grown on me in ways I hadn't realized. I like the anonymity of the crowds yet finding places to call your own. Paris blows your mind at every corner with its history and air of grandeur, and although some of its stereotypes mayyyy be true, it's quite a vibrant city.

I'm back in Galway way, and I'm not sure what the next 3 weeks hold. I have my plane ticket to head Scotland for 10 days on November 19th. I may head to Dublin for a few days beforehand, I may not... Really, I just to get back to work. I need to figure out Beating Lights, I need to write more music, I need to learn more things. 

I've got all my important flights figured out. After Scotland, I'll be in Sweden with an Aunt for a week. After Sweden, I'll be in Iran for about  17 days. After Iran, I'll be in Dubai for Christmas with my Iranian family and my mom and brother who will join us, then, finally, FINALLY, on January 1st, I'm heading back to LA. It feels like such a long time, man. 

But hey, here I am, wandering Europe. La vie est belle, so be grateful, be humble and put yourself out there.

Cheers, mes amis.

À plutôt.