Birthday Weekend (part 2)

Saturday 6/23/12 (the day of)

So Saturday NSC took us on a trip to the Great Wall. thoughts:

1. so crazy steep and really actually somewhat scary. at some points you feel like you’re about to fall. the wind doesn’t help and neither does the lovely pollution around you causing 0% visibility. But other than that.

2. so. many. babies. I took a good load of baby creeper photos :D

overall, it was really cool. physically strenuous, but hey, we needed the exercise!

After a nice nap in the afternoon, me and Maryanne went to dinner with Rouhan  and Stanley in San Li Tun, then headed to bar street after for a good hour or so to kill some time. 

*side note: RAIN

while we were walking around the San Li Tun Village, all of a sudden we heard some sounds as if something heavy was falling off the building , then a lot of commotion from  the crowd of people of around. what was going on, you ask? RAIN. one second it was a nice leisurely walk, literally the second after it was pouring. crazy hella madness.

After bar street, we went to this club right by called Vics where we met up with NSC kids. hella crowded, music was actually pretty good, and I got to spend my 20th with some cool new friends and crazy awesome old ones :)