Birthday Weekend (part 3)

Sunday 6/24/12 (the day after):

Stanley, Rouhan, Maryanne and I spent sunday at  the Art District, called 798. It’s basically a deserted old factory that has been turned into and art-lover/artsy-hipster’s heaven. The buildings have been transformed either into artist galleries, coffee shops, stores or restaurants. The walls are covered in “street art” (aka graffiti) and unique statues roam the grounds. It was pouring rain, but it was a really cool place regardless.

For dinner, Maryanne and I crashed Stanley’s dinner with his cousin and his cousin’s friend, for some delicious dumplings. 

*side note: we’ve been eating a LOT of dumpling and baozi. 

By the time dinner was over, it was POURING and neither I nor Maryanne had an umbrella. so we huddled under Staneley’s and ran to the subway station where we separated from Stanrey and his cousin. When we got back to Wudaokou, we spent like 30 minutes trying to hail a cab, gave up, went to a shaved ice place and decided to wait the rain out. Literally 3 minutes later our NSC friends showed up randomly for some dessert, so we sat, ate and went back out to train (again) to hail a cab. After another 30 minutes of failmania, we just decided to buy a couple cheap 10 rmb umbrellas off the side of the road and walk it back to the dorm. We had been planning on having a chill night in because school started the day after (aka today) so we wanted to sleep early. FAIL. so moral of the story (which proves my motto in life): don’t plan, and dont freak out. just go with it.

Conclusions: very successful birthday weekend:) Stnaley left today for Taiwan and Rouhan’s leaving for HK on Wednesday, which sucks they won’t be here for the rest of my trip, but i mean, I like my new friends too! and I’ll see them in august soooo yeah. :D

Hope my readers are doing well.

Happy last week of june!