Community service, gelato and babies.

I think i’m getting closer to a routine, and it feels great: on mondays I walk over to a center by school and make felt (amongst other arts and crafts) with handicapped adults.  It’s something I’d never done before, and it’s so great being able to do what I do back home (as in service), just all in italian with italians. Then once that’s over i head back to school for the acting class.

Wednesdays, we have a knitting club where a bunch of students get together for some cookies, tea and good old fashioned knitting. We each make a small square, to eventually make blankets for seniors at a home. Like any good knitting club, its really code for “old souls chatting and gossiping about life”. Good company, good conversations and nice, relaxing fun. then once that’s over, Becky and I head back home, drop off our stuff then head to Bernadetta’s (our host family’s daughter) a block over to play with/teach english to her 6 year old and 3 years and 11 month old sons. They came over last night and stayed for dinner, and i must say it was the MOST exhausting, but of course hilariously eventful, dinner we’ve ever had. They’re adorably to die for, and I can’t wait to shoot them! hehe :)

Otherwise, I’m still trying to get into the grind of things. it’s been 5.5 weeks and i feel like I’m only just getting somewhere… 

busy weekend, stay posted for more updates! :) 

happy  thursday! 

side note: I have officially found my favorite gelato flavors.