Day 2: Xi'an

We got breakfast at 9 at a small little shop with only 6 tables. I think it was basically a pulled pork sandwich. DElicious. Side note: I’ve noticed the food in Xi’an has all been saltier than normal. SO good, but still. Once we were done we got in the van and headed for the Terra-cotta Warriors. I had no idea what to expect, and it was so worth the one hour drive. These warrior statues were built in the notion of protecting the emperor when he was in his grave, but they were lost somewhere in history until 1976 when a farmer found one of the heads while he was out in the field. So over the past 40ish years they’ve been recovering them all over the area.

After the warriors, we went to see the Huaqing Hot Springs. Not at all what the name makes it sound like. It looked like yet another palace, except these buildings were meant for the empress’s  bathing and cloth-changing needs over the summers. I have to admit though, the scenery around us was so amazing. We were about 20 mins outside of Xi’an, the sky was blue, the green mountains were right there in front of us and other than the boiling sun, it was a successful sight seeing trip (and also minus our pushy tour guide who kept trying to haggle us out of our time, money and sanity)