Day 3: On route to Longsheng

Long story short we took a two-hour plane and a 2-hour van to get from Xi’an to Guilin to Longsheng.


When we got off the plane, all that surrounded us were mountains and fields. 2 hours later we arrived at the foot of the Longsheng mountain. immediately after getting out of the car, about ten 80ish year old ladies (all under 5 feet tall, might I add) came running towards us, carrying baskets on their backs like backpacks. They took our luggage from us and began hiking up the mountain to our hotel. It was the oddest thing ever. These women were 60 years older and 3 feet shorter then I, yet they were carrying my suitcase on their backs! The hike up to the hotel took about an hour; the entire pathway was paved with stones. It was absolutely the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Words can’t describe, pictures can’t describe. Rice terraces lined the mountains, and little wooden buildings (which we later found out were all hotels) stood every 50 feet up the trail. When we got to the top, sweaty and gross, the view was amazing. Honestly, I don’t see the point in writing all this because I’m terrible with words and I simply won’t be able to explain how amazing this place was (pictures and video in a later post).

Our hotel was basically a cabin, much like the ones you stay at in Big Bear. Dinner was freshly grown and bred, and the rice-cooked-in-bamboo was DElicious.