Day 4: Longsheng Rice Terraces and Yangshuo

After breakfast, we headed to the rice terraces about a 15 minute walk up the mountain. absoalutely stunning (again with the vague description I know! I’m terrible with words, I already told you!)


At noon, we left Longsheng and drove 4 hours (in I don’t know which direction) and finally got to Yangshuo. The town was surrounded by small mountains that looked more like huge rocks. It didn’t feel like China at all. More like what I presume South America to be (not that I’ve been…).

At night we saw a show on the water, surrounded by the same rock-like mountains. The show was light and fire based, and used the water and natural surroundings as props. Oh so cool and unfortunately I didn’t take any photos because it was pouring rain, which honestly wasn’t that, bad, because it just added to the whole experience.

After the show the four of us girls walked around our hotel; the streets were all lined with restaurants and coffee shops, little mango-smoothie shacks and jaozi shops. Even for such small town, everything is so lively and people are still out and about at night, just strolling to no end, for the simple pleasure of getting out of the house.