Day 5: Yangshuo bamboo floats and caverns

After an OK boazi breakfast off a street vendor (side note: buckwheat bread is to die for), we headed to the Yu Long river (I think it’s called) and rode bamboo floats for two hours. It doesn’t beat Longsheng, but it’s a close second to being one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The mountains look like huge rocks covered in trees and we just floated along the river taking it all in and taking pictures. At the halfway point we stopped for bing (crepe-like food) and fried fish/crab/shrimp. SO so good. After the floating was over, we headed to a cave on the other side of Yangshuo, closer to the town. It was very commercialized in my opinion, and incredibly touristy/showy, but still, IT. WAS. SO. COOL. The first and last time I was in a cave was in Yosemite when I was 12 and it was pitch black. Here, different colored lights lit up the walls (bleh. eh. meh. It felt like Disneyland…) and the tour guide only spoke mandarin, but the stones (whatever they’re called) were crazy. Every patch had a different texture and the ceiling (whatever it’s called) rose up to probably over 150 ft. insane.

After we got back to the hotel, Sam, Maryann, Abbey and I bought two watermelon halves and took them to the park. We got spoons from the smoothie shack and ate the watermelon straight out. The park was baby heavennnn, it was too good.

I wish LA had more parks, or at least that more people actually went to the ones we already have. People here (here=everywhere but the US?) are always finding ways to get out of the house and just be out and about. I’m also noticing, as a side note, that people here in Yangshuo are so much nicer than Beijingers were. Maybe BJers just don’t smile so often and keep more to themselves, whereas people here are always saying ‘hello!’ and smiling when you accidentally run into them. Just an interesting note.

We ate dinner at an indian place, biggest splurge since our Beijing San Li Tun nights, but it was so worth it. After we walked around, the narrow streets were lined with souvenir shops and restaurants, very touristy, but the atmosphere was so alive and every other bar had loud music blasting through the front door.I bought honey comb that tasted like sugar and got a mango smoothie that tasted like a frozen mango. This itty bitty town with 40 000 people and 30 000 tourists (daily) has been so awesome and so different than anywhere else.