Day 6: Biking in the rain in Yangshuo

It was pouring rain again, but that didn’t stop us from biking 20 minutes to get to the river. The ride was amazing. We went thought the crops, farms and mountains and eventually ended up at the river. We took two to a bamboo float and drifted along as our “driver” geared the boat. We were soaking so hard at this point, but it really really didn’t matter. The rain just seems to make everything so much more interesting (no sarcasm intended). The boat ride was also a tourist trap, where they make you take a picture and almost force you to buy prints, but it’s so subtle that it doesn’t matter. It was cool seeing backpackers walking through the town, and sometimes I feel like that’s what we’re doing too, backpacking though china. But then I remember we’re staying in a really nice hotel and a van drives us everywhere.