Day 7: Shanghai

[Long story short we took a 2 hour plane to Shanghai.]

Once we settled in, we took the subway to the food street by Yuyuan Garden. We ate dumplings and a cheap dinner then headed over to the river. Walking along the river coast was amazing. On one side there was the Pudong (spelling?) district, high buildings and towers, then to the other side there was the Bund, buildings built doing the colonial era, so therefore everything looked very British. It was so awesome I kept forgetting I was in China.  We walked until the sun set and lights lit up and the streets got crowded. It’s so very different than Beijing. It feels so much like Europe that I’m actually glad I spent my 5 weeks in BJ and got to experience a whole different thing (hence the whole studying in italy thing). After we walked around for a bit, we went back to the hotel, changed and met up with a couple BLCU friends who were in Shanghai for one last night. Hit up a couple bars, ate some fries, and kept wondering why everything was so empty and dead. Apparently after 12 people don’t do bars, only clubs. (Odd…) But anyway, once we found out the olympic opening ceremony wouldn’t be until 4am, we called it a night and went back to the hotel.