Day 8: Pearl Tower, Yuyuan Garden, D-Mall Shopping Center

The view from the Pearl Tower was amazing. The river was pure brown and didn’t even reflect the sun, but Shanghai is so huge and awesome from way up top. Yuyuan Garden was alright. We’re all quite over temple-like historic buildings, so we didn’t spend much time there. After some Dairy Queen blizzards, we headed over to the underground Shopping center for a little bit, walked around aimlessly for about 20 minutes, then headed back to the hotel to  rest up before a night of Shanghainese dumplings at Din Tai Fung, bar hopping and clubbing.

Dinner was obviously amazing. Dumplings never fail. For dessert I had this soup-like thing, taro and asago (sp?) in sweet coconut milk. Soo delicious. After dinner we headed to The Alchemist for a little bit. They had the most interesting (and slightly weird) cocktails with egg white foam and dry ice (just to name a couple interesting ingredients). Once it got late enough, we cabbed to The Bund to go to Bar Rounge, a rooftop bar/club. But traffic bein as it was, we got there after 10 and cover raised up to 100RMB (no drinks included). But other the money factor, everyone seemed in their late 20’s, super fancy, super upperclass, and super French. So naturally we decided to go somewhere else. We decided to cab it to M1NT, a club where there was supposedly going to be a shark tank. Once we got there though, the bouncer at the door gave us a “reservations only” schpeel, after which Nicole (one the program advisor who came out with us) spat out some whiny “it’s our last night in Shanghai” deal, after which the bouncer actually let us in for free.

M1NT was so very different than any of the Beijing clubs we’d been to. Very upsale and sophisticated. Even the San Li Tun scene was mostly students (minus the old creepers creeping around…). But this place wasn’t as crowded, even at 12 when the dancefloor turned on, and it almost just didn’t feel so comfortable. It was a great (and hilarious) last night though, just very different than our Beijing home turf.