Do what you gotta do, go where the wind blows and whatever floats your boat.

The thing is, it’s not fair that the world is so big. It’s not fair that people have to live so far from each other, it’s not fair that there’s such a thing as “losing touch”, it’s not fair that I have leave my host family and the friends I’ve made here from different parts of the country and the world. It’s not fair.

But another thing is, life’s not fair. You hear that all the time when you’re a kid, and as you grow up you begin to shrug it off like the uber-cliché that it is. But sometime when I was around 14 or 15, on a summer night in Iran after I’d said goodbye and See You in 11 Months to my family, just like I did every summer, I came up with the harsh realization that it’s never going to be ok. I’m never going to live in Iran honestly (aside from my plan to live there for 3ish months the summer or fall after I graduate. But somehow (thanks to my mom I guess?) I’ve come up with this sense of duty to go back every year. I can’t go back every summer anymore, but whenever I can, I shall.

So now instead of “it’s never going to be ok”, its more like “this is just the way my life is”. Thus, on a similar note, we’re not all going to end up in the same city, state or even country. After you graduate, it’s almost like “do what you gotta do”. Go to Taiwan and become a popstar, go to Beirut and get your Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies, or go to Tanzania with the Peace Corps, if that’s where your wind is blowing It’s going to suck being far from your family and friends, but family will always be family no matter where you are, and if your friends care enough (and vice versa, if you do too), then you/they will put the effort into staying in touch and constantly keeping each other updated and keeping the friendships going.

My point is, that’s life. It’s not fair sometimes, and you just gotta deal with it.