Et alors, on recommence!

Time to step it up. Academia-wise. Its only week 4 and i’ve begun skipping classes, i’m barely doing any work (which is solely reading…) and i just cant focus.
1. I have so many other things on my mind (namely booking shoots, booking gigs for The Vintage Modernists, APO, researching music-related things, browsing musicians on youtube, finding new music on blogs and soundcloud…), there’s not enough time to think about school!
2. I blame Italy. Not that the theatre major was cruelly hard to begin with, but school in Florence was not real. Professors graded too easily and everything came back as pass/fail. Motivation? Zero. And now after like 7 months of UNreality, its freaking HARD to get back in the zone.
Resolution: (after today cus im skipping a couple discussions…): GET YOUR HEAD BACK IN THE GAME. Sleep is for the weak and you need find your “thing” in the theatre world.
Ok. LEGGO (starting monday