Final thoughts (a bit in advance)


This trip is about to end, and I can’t help thinking what an experience this has been.  I’ve seen beautiful and unbelievable places that I’ve never before seen in  my life. I’ve eaten foods unlike anything I’ve ever had (both in a good and bizarre way). I learned a new language and lived in a new culture. And most importantly, I’ve met so many great people. It has only been 6 weeks, yet thinking about leaving this place and these people seems unreal. People say studying abroad changes your outlook on life. I don’t think it has changed me, per say. More like shoved me really hard in the same direction I was already going towards. 

I wasn’t expecting this at all though. I was thinking, me, my camera, and China. I forgot about the whole ‘learning a whole new language and living in a new city and meeting new people’ thing. It feels so cool thinking back to day 1 when I was so nervous at the supermarket not knowing what the cashier was saying, and thinking about how last week I went to the bank all by myself. Or how I’ve made such amazing friends in such a short period of time, friends that I’ve seen every single day for the past 5 weeks. I’ve learned so much, and because of everything I’ve seen and people I’ve met, I want to see more. I never would have though I’d have the extreme desire to see more of East Asia, but i do. Badly . Hong Kong, Thialand, Taiwan, Singapore… And if 6 weeks in one country can be so amazing and do so many amazing things,  imagine what even more countries can do? (I’m doing cartwheels on the walls i’m so excited for the fall in italy and europe. but enough about the future)

This was the first summer in 20 years that I didn’t go to Iran. I wanted to do something productive, is what I kept saying. Before I left for China, I was worried that one month wouldn’t be enough time to learn a new language, and that maybe this trip wouldn’t actually be so productive. Wo zai Zhongguo shuo yidanr Hanyu . I can get by all by myself, and that’s 300 times more than I can hope for. Language aside, it’s still been incredibly productive. I’ve learned just by experiencing, meeting, eating and seeing. I’m still the same person, just not really; my thinking process just got sped up by infinity, so now I’m still on the same wavelength, just way closer to the end of the line, to putting my thoughts into tangible ideas. Unrealistic and foolish ideas, some may say. But for now I don’t really care what some may say.