First impression and other ponderations

well now it’s 1 30 pm and i’m running on like 5 hours of sleep total in the past like 40ish hours. #ohhlife

So after i exchanged money and got breakfast with Holly [our NSC coordinator] ( we ate dumplings called Baozi, SO DELICIOUS), i took a walk around the BLCU campus and here’s what i gathered:

1. PEOPLE HERE WALK SO SLOWLY.  what is wrong with me?! before my trip to NYC last summer I was all like “yeah I’m a fast walker, therefore I’m new yorker”. Then when I actually went, I realized i was soooo much more laid back than i’d thought. People there don’t really pause and enjoy life, it’s move move move  every hour and every second. So then. does that make me a true Cali girl? UM HELL NO. I refuse to believe that. But then I get here, and I’m running  compared to everyone! JE NE COMPRENDS PAS. but ho well. moving on.

2. the campus is so green, i love it!  10 degrees cooler would make it so lovely (yes, again with the weather complaints lol). I found a really awesome little pond with a bridge and stone benches and a cobblestone walkway that hopefully I’ll be shooting at sometime this week (with the USC student who contacted my when I was in LA for headshots who turned out to be interning here in Beijing… talk about crazy, awesome coincidence!?)

3. I hasn’t even been 24 hours that I’ve been here, but I’m sarting to see how it feels to go to school in a different city/country different than your own, and it’s such a cool feeling. I don’t know, maybe it is because I’m so aware that I’m in a whole different part of the world, but just the thought that I’m  living in a new place is exciting [This is the part where one would say “but i still love LA”. um yeah NO] and the thought of living abroad after I graduate keeps sounding better and better. But that’s whole different subject for another blog. lol

and finally 4. i was THIS CLOSE to naming this blog La Vita Dulce. fun fact of the day: there’s a popular coffee shop on campus called “La Vita Dulce”! 

ok. I dont know why I’m writing so much. what the heck. most probabaly so I don’t fall asleep and give in to jetlag…

but screw it. I’m gunna go take a nap. 

再见, miei amici! À bientôt!  (see what I did there?)