food and friends.

Stanley’s here! only until Sunday but still!! Our mission on thursday night to go out with NSC kids and/or Stanley and Rouhan was thrown out by the rain and crazy lightning, so literally just bummed around Rouhan’s for like 7 hours but oh well. Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted :)

People keep asking him what he’s doing here for only 5 days. and he keeps saying, “well, shab’s birthday. and to see my cousin”.

If he’s telling the truth, that’s slightly crazy (the part about coming here form because I told him to) Sure he was already planning on going to Taiwan to visit his bro, BUT STILL. Stanley, if you’re reading this, YOU’RE THE BEST. :)

Anyhoo. let’s talk Baozi, aka steamed buns. There’s this place a building away from our hotel, you can get 6 for 7 RMB, so like $1.2, which I split with my roommate. She can’t read the menu, and I’m useless, so we’ve been getting one kind (mushroom and eggs? I think?) for the past few times we’ve gone, but who cares it’s just SO. GOOD. definitely our new obsession and future comfort food.

Other than eating food and meeting new people, there hasn’t been too too muchh going on. sightseeing starts today, we’re going to Houhai for the Dragon Boat festival, and tomorrow we’re going to the Great Wall.

AND. tomorrow’s my birthday! I will update you on my birthday weeknd here sunday night :)

with pictures too! I’ve started carrying my camera around everywhere, and it feels oh so good.

sooo yeahhh.

have a good weekend!

catch you later.