Fun Fact Monday

(Let’s see if i can make this a new thing.)

Why Mondays? Because every Monday i will 100% for sure be on campus and therefore will 100% for sure have wifi.

What fun facts? Random interesting things i saw, learned, ate, people i met, stuff i forgot to say, all from the past week. 

Week 1, here we go:

- we live right across from the Firenze Soccer stadium

- there’s a gelato called Bacio, based on those Ritter Sport biscuits (chocolate and nougat covered butter biscuits): SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

-my new routine with my roommate: take a 40 minute walk every night after dinner. To stay in shape, and  really mostly to burn off all the pasta. 

-every night at dinner, which usually takes 30 mins to an hour, the conversation is solely in italian because our host parents don’t speak any english. which is crazy awesome for me because i already can hear myself getting better, but somewhat sucks for my roommate who has a a crazy hard time speaking and most of the times needs me to translate. 

-first impression of Florentine nightlife«« BEIJING NIGHTLIFE

-booked our first trip in 3 weeks to the Amalfi Coast!!! (Sorrento, Pompei omg, Capri zomg, Positano OMG)

- on that same note: we are traveling basically every weekend until november :):)