having "the talk" (pg-13 version) with my host mom.

My host mom is about 65 years old, aka about the same age as my grandma. Last night, she was telling us how much she’s liked us, and how great kids we’ve been, have brave we’ve been, and how much she’s going to miss us. But then she started talking about other girls, and how she’s heard of,and has had herself, some girls who have no respect, who drink all night and come back wasted, who aren’t warm or welcoming. THEN she started talking about this whole “sleeping around” thing our generation seems ok with, and WHY girls do it and what the reasoning behind it is and if we personally felt we’d want to marry a man who had slept around in his younger years. WHAT THE WHAT. She ended the conversation by saying she got married to Mario when she was 18. He’s her first and only and THATS ALL WE WANT TO KNOW PLEASE & THANKS.

in other news:17 days until I leave. Let me just stay in denial at least until i start packing my bags?

more fun facts: other than two cardigans, two scarves and two tights, per me stessa I’ve bought ground coffee in Rome, original nutella and chocolate (both from Turin). and i still plan on buying more chocolate! WORD.