Hello again, old friend.

I’ve decided to come back!! so Hi :)

As I begin to pack my bags for our 3week trip to Italy to meet my grandparents for their 50th anniversary, I’m realizing 3 weeks is quite a while. I can’t bring a simple carry-on, I need a bigger suitcase. That we’ll checking in. 

So 3weeks in italy, hundreds of photos, dozens of cappuccini… I figured I’d better get back to the hang of writing so I’d have somewhere to ponder life (we all know that’s my favorite thing). We also know how many opinions I have, and how much I don’t like saying them aloud. 

So I’m back here to vent, write, ponder and express.


Italy aside, I figured it was also a good time to get back on here as i begin my search for a job in the UK or Ireland. I’ve been lightly searching the webs over the past 2 months, looking for music management companies in london and dublin, but once I get back in January, every waking moment will be spent on finding my way back to Europe. So naturally, I’m pretty sure I’ll need a place to vent. (where do I even start looking? who do I talk to? how do I search? why aren’t they emailing me back?!….)


Otherwise, Happy Winter! 

Ci vediamo in Italia <3

A doppo,