How do you Carpe Diem when the future is so exciting?

3 days of classes down!

Academically, it’s gunna be a BOMB semester: History of Witchcraft, Comedy in Italy, Italian Cinema from ‘45 to present, and Italian (III for now, but going to try to get in to IV today… because III seems way too easy right now… no mean to brag…lol…)

Let’s get even more updated:

-Going to the Amalfi Coast in 2 weeks!

-Going to the Torino Film Festival with my cinema class in november!

-Signed up for IM basketball with other italian kids, but I just so happen to the only American who signed up, which is completely ok with me!

- Mondays from 5-6 I’ll be doing a theatre workshop here at SUF with my Comedy in Italy professor who is FREAKING AWESOME, which will all culminate to a final hour long performance at the end of the semester: after 3 and a half years since my last play, ITS ABOUT TIME. :)

-Last night, we booked all our flights for fall break! 

The food continues to be delicious. I think we’re getting used to the many courses, because we’re feeling less and less bloated after dinner every night. Yesterday when we got home, we heard a faint (and child-like) ‘ciao!’ from the kitchen. So we ran in to find our baby cousins (aka our host family’s grand children) hanging out in there waiting for their mama to arrive. What a great surprise :)

See?? How can I carpe diem when the future is so exciting?!