I ate a sheep testicle.

Played basketball with the Chinese kids. Bucket list check. :) We been played two days in a row  (we= me and 3 other guys in my program) and it was oh so great, too much fun and feels oh so good. We’re now on week 3 of classes, aka the last week (what the what…). Slowly beginning to prep for our final, and my mind begins to implode every time I attempt to memorize the characters… gah. In other news. we went to the Summer Palace on saturday and it was SO pretty (pictures in a later post). It’s basically where the empress spent her summers, in a palace on top of a mountain, stories and stories high (I think that’s what it is…). Sunday night, we went back to Houhai for dinner, and it was THE coolest thing ever. Basically it’s a [more chinese] bar street, and every bar had live music going on. one. after. another. you could stand in one place and be listening to 3 different musicians playing. So lively. so bustling. I DONT WANT TO LEAVE. but i shall not think about that. still having so much fun, meeting so many freaking FRENCH PEOPLE lol it’s great. :)

Yesterday we went to Forbidden City (photos in a later post). Th sky was actually a hazy blue which meant that it was ridiculously hot, but the city was really pretty and worth the trip regardless. SO many people, so many umbrellas.  After we went to Snack Street, where they sell odd foods off of stands in the side of the road. spiders, sheep penis, starfish, and other such weird things. We ate sheep testicles, one each. it was weird. I was expecting it to taste like chicken, or at least have the same constancy as meat, but it was more like a weird tofu-y texture…HA. 


happy 2nd week of july!