"I don't like Chinese food!" he said.

SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, i felt like saying.

so let’s get updated!

1. i met my roomate!! she’s supercool, from Jersey, goes to U of Rochester, and we’re best friends. lol but for real, i only met her like 2 days ago, and it feels like 2 years! i’d probably be starving if it wasn’t for her. With her illiteracy and my ZERO mandarin, its been a struggle fest, but we’re a live and well!

2. we’ve finally begun meeting all the other NSC kids, and so far oh so great :) we went out tonight to this bar called Lush for a Quiz Night, and all i can think of is So. Many. Americans. who knew?!

3. Classes don;t start until monday, so we’ve got a good few more days to chill and bond.

4. I finally took out my camera and have begun taking pictures!! WOO!!!

other than that, Beijing is great. the food has yet to disappoint, and the people I’m meeting are amazing.

hope all is well with you! catch you later :)