I spoke french today! (and mandarin, of course)

recap of two cool people i’ve met in the past 2 days:

-a french girl in my class who’s going to be a 2nd year at Sorbonne, lives in Versailles, and is studying Art History. She’s the nicest, friendliest ever, and i really just want to get to know her more. I mean come on, Paris and Art History?! She already sounds supercool.

- a guy at a bar who goes to Yale and plays basketball. (emphasis on basketball). NSC’s bucket list includes “Playing basketball with the Chinese kids”. I feel i will be crossing that off the list soon? 


Best part so far has been constantly meeting [mostly]  really awesome people. I want to meet more!! 

Working out, great food, cool new people,so far so good :)


*side note: It’s been almost 2 weeks already?! WHAT?! gah I’m loving living abroad…why does the world have to be so big and keep people to far? because 1. when this trip ends, we’re all going back to our respective homes, which are all around the country, most all the way on the east coast, some across the world (except Sam, who goes to Chapman lol) But now that I am here, everyone I already know is on the other side of the world.. Small as the world may be, it’s freaking huge…

anyway. catch you later!