I'm now fluent in Mandarin! ha

I’m done with Mandarin class! I’m not too happy actually. it was only a 3 week course, and even though I learned SO much, i still wish I could’ve continued learning. Which, i’ve decided, i will do on my own time. Maybe some rosetta-stone-type thing. I can’t just stop here. so maybe in this one month after I get back and before I leave again? Idk.

Last weekend we went to the Temple of Heaven. It was pretty and beautiful and all that, but after 3 temples in one week, they all look EXACTLY the same, to the point where the only thing you’re thinking about is where you can get ice cream. 

In other news, let’s talk about Elements. It’s a club in San Li Tun where girls get in for free (but pay 50 kuai per drink) and guys get in for 100 kuai (and get 2 free drinks). The dance floor bounces on springs, the bathrooms are the prettiest I’ve ever seen, and the music is the best I’ve ever heard (whoever that dj is, let’s all marry him). We went for the second time on friday, and no matter who you go with and what time of night it is, it never fails. The crowd can be weird (cougholdbritishmencough)  but as long as you keep moving to the other side of the stage, you’re good. 


I can’t believe our stay in Beijing is almsot over. we just got here! but then again, it’s ONLY been a month? so much has happened, and we’ve met so many people, it’s been too much fun and oh so chaotic. But now friday we (me, maryann, Sam, another gril from the program and our coordinator) leave for a 10 day trip of awesomeness around China. It’s going to be so crazy. I’ve decided I’m just going to upload the rest of my photos at the very end, because internet is just way too slow. 

That’s all for now I think. I’ll probably post one more time before I leave, and once we go on our trip I’m going to try to keep my laptop closed for the whole 10 days. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 

zaijian wode pengyou!