In other news.

Fourth of july here was actually really fun. we ended a night of bar hoppings at a club called Global, no cover charge and really good music.

It’s still so very interesting how many foreigners there are here. I ate lunch with a bunch of french kids, a Mexican girl, and an American from North Carolina. The other day I had a conversation with these two Chinese girls in French, then it transitioned into english, and soon our senteced began with Mandarin, continued in english and ended in French. As “multicultural” as America may be, I have  yet to meet such people (even though, 90% of the people I’m meeting are  american) and have such experiences. Of course, there’s a good load of Americans who come here for the sole purpose of the drinking age minimum (lol) but the majority of the people who are here, they’re here to see new things and meet new people and get themselves out of their comfort zones, and its just one of the coolest things in the world. 

I’m actually incredibly happy I’m studying abroad in the fall. Yeah, it sucks I won’t see anyone for four months, and that I’ll be all the way across the world while everyone else is in LA  forgetting about me (i kid i kid!), but the world is a big place and we can’t ALL end up in the same place. Maybe I’m ok with this because I havent seen everyone in such a long time, but it’s what I’ve started to realize being here. I used to think:  It’s not where you are or what you do, it’s who you’re with. but like i said, and like the obvious points out, the world is a greatly SMALL place, and facebook and email exist. I want to leave after I graduate, and it’ll be ok. Because distance is nothing (if your freinds are true). I spend 11 months of the year a 24 hour trip away from 99% of my family. and It’s been completely ok for the past 20 years. 

I don’t have a plan. and who knows, maybe by the time graduation rolls around I’ll be a completely different person with completely different dreams. So I’m not planning. All I’m saying is, There are great and amazing things out there, all over the world. why confine ourselves to only one small portion of it?